Ball-in-the-labyrinth game for S60.
Version 0.13 (23 Nov 2009)
Update: 0.13r2 (08 Dec 2010) - certificate renewed

SymbiMaze is an open source implementation of the classic game where you control a steel ball by tilting a wooden labyrinth.

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Accelerometer-enabled smartphone running Symbian 9.3 (or higher) and S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 (or higher).
Tested only on Nokia E52. Users reported that it also works fine on other devices running Symbian 9.3, but it is currently not playable under Symbian 9.4.


Control the ball by tilting your phone. Reach the exit avoiding other holes.
Press Select key or touch the screen to pause/resume the game. Use soft menu, left/right or volume keys to switch levels.

Installation package

Download SymbiMaze_0.13r2_S60v3.2.sis

Archive: v0.13 v0.12r2 v0.12r1 v0.12 v0.11

Source code

Source code is released under the GPLv3. Here is a project's summary at SourceForge.
This game is an official Symbian C++ port/rewrite of an early version of Mokomaze.

Archive: v0.12r2 v0.12r1 v0.12 v0.11 v0.10

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